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Carpet Buying Guide

Carpet Buying Guide

Carpet remains one of the most popular flooring types and can transform the look and feel of a room. To find the perfect product for your living space, explore this carpet buying guide for tips on purchasing a carpet you’ll love.

Choose a Carpet by Room

From soft and sumptuous bedroom carpets, to tough and durable carpets for high traffic areas like hallways, there are options to suit every area of a home. Consider where your carpet will be fitted when making your selection. If you want to fit the same carpet in multiple rooms for a coordinated look, pick a carpet that matches the level of durability you need in the busiest of those rooms.

Choose a Carpet by Style

There are different styles of carpet to choose from. Carpet types include;

  • Twist carpet. Twisted yarns give a firm feel underfoot. Densely packed fibres mean the carpet won’t flatten or show vacuum lines, making this a good option for high traffic spaces. Twist carpets can combine multicoloured yarns, creating a flecked design which can hide dirt.
  • Saxony carpet. Long, fine, densely-packed fibres cut smoothly and evenly. Soft and luxurious underfoot, Saxony carpets are great for living rooms and bedrooms but not as good in high traffic areas. Available in a wide variety of colours.
  • Loop pile carpet. Heavy and wide fibres are looped together instead of cut. Textured look and feel which is hardwearing in busy areas. Patterned options are good for hiding stains from pets and young children. Can be made from natural or synthetic materials.
  • Berber carpet. A loop pile carpet made from thick yarn, creating a durable and smooth finish. Long lasting and stain resistant with natural flecks that can help conceal dirt. Wide variety of colours. Cheaper than other carpet types.
  • Cut and loop carpet. Combination of cut and loop styles to create 3D texture and patterns. Wide range of patterns available. Not suitable for high traffic areas as some longer fibres can bend or untwist, making the carpet look worn.
  • Velvet carpets. Sot and luxurious with straight, densely packed fibres. Low maintenance thanks to the short pile. Durable but can show indents from heavy furniture and is prone to water staining.

Choose a Carpet by Fibre

The type of fibre that a carpet is made from will affect both its appearance and its texture. Choose from man-made fibres or natural fibres.

  • Man-made fibres. Polypropylene carpet is soft, stain resistant, and hardwearing. Easy to clean and great value for money. Polyamide or nylon carpet can withstand high traffic and is a low maintenance choice. Fibres won’t flatten easily and spring back into shape, perfect for a busy family home.
  • Natural fibres. Wool carpet is natural, sustainable, and super soft. Easy to clean and resilient, wool carpet is available as 100% wool or a blend. Sisal carpet is tough and hardwearing with a traditional weave and natural texture. Often used in high traffic areas like hallways.

Choose a Carpet by Design

A choice of designs is available when choosing a carpet, including patterned, striped, and textured options.

  • Patterned carpet. Make a style statement with a bold pattern, from a classic motif to a contemporary design.
  • Striped carpet. Create the illusion of more space with a striped carpet that will draw the eye through a room, making it appear larger. Popular on staircases.
  • Textured carpet. Add visual interest to a living space with a textured carpet that will instantly catch the eye.

Choose a Carpet by Colour

Carpet is available in a whole rainbow of colours, from timeless neutrals to bright hues. Darker colours might suit busier areas of the home, to better conceal dirt, while lighter tones can make small rooms feel larger. For a lasting investment, pick a classic colour that won’t go out of fashion, rather than an on-trend shade.

Underlay & Accessories

A good carpet starts with a good underlay. Underlay adds extra cushioning for comfort underfoot and provides shock absorption to protect the floor. It can also help with soundproofing and insulation, keeping your home quiet and cosy all year round. 

Accessories like door bars and stair rods will add a professional finishing touch to your new carpet and should be available from your carpet supplier.

Visit the Carpets Leicester Showroom

A trip to the Carpets Leicester showroom is the best place to start when looking for inspiration for a new carpet to refresh your home. It is open Monday to Friday 7am to 4pm, and between 10am and 1pm on Saturday.  

Call 0116 255 4335 to speak to our team about the carpets we have in stock and on display, or complete our contact form to get in touch.

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