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How to Look After Flooring In Summer

How do I look after flooring in the Summer?

Summer months and holidays can bring an increase in foot traffic into your home, so make sure your flooring isn’t damaged. Because the sun can have a direct effect on flooring, we’ve included some ideas below to help you protect it from the elements. Continue reading for cleaning, care, and maintenance suggestions.

Avoid Excessive Sunlight

During summer the direct sunlight on some flooring can cause premature fading and discolouration. One way to reduce unwanted sunlight on your floors is to close blinds/ curtains when you are not home or are not using the rooms. Another option is to go for UV resistant flooring with a fade-resistant warranty, this will mean you can enjoy the sun without worrying about damage to flooring. 

Take Shoes Off at the Entrance

As we start to enjoy the outdoors more in summer it’s important to get into the habit of taking shoes off at the door. This can make a big difference to your flooring over time and how often you will need to clean it. In addition to this doormats can help massively to keep the entryway clean as well as flooring in other rooms.  

Vacuum Weekly

With so many little dust particles in the air throughout the summer, vacuuming on a daily basis will ensure that you get all of the fine dust and grit like sand that may not be visible to the naked eye. One of the most basic of our flooring hints is to make sure you’re vacuuming on the proper setting. Some vacuum cleaners allow you to choose between hard floor and carpet mode. It’s important to change the settings as the wrong mode can damage your flooring.

Keep the humidity down

During the summer, your home may become humid, which can damage your flooring, especially if you have hardwood floors. A humidity level of 35-55 percent is recommended by manufacturers, as too little or too much humidity can cause warping and bubbling. To avoid this, invest in a dehumidifier for the summer months to maintain a consistent and pleasant level of humidity in your home.

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